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Improving Profitability Is The Ultimate Goal

The Revans Center Global focuses on developing the potential of leaders, managers and others in the context of
the work environment. It is believed that leadership development and management development begins with
learning from action and leads to increased profitability.

The benefits of focusing on action within the organisation are:

A cost-effective approach to leadership and management development;
Requires no expensive leadership and management training materials to purchase;
Requires no expensive workshops or seminars to attend;
Provides an immediate focus on the urgency of improving profitability;
Establishes deadlines for needed change and problem resolution;
Creates sustainable and continuous improvement which is measurable;
Stimulates and supports intellectual development for creativity and real innovation;
Encourages changes in leadership styles and management styles;
Capitalizes on already existing talent within the organisation;
Redesigns organisation infrastructure for leaner and cleaner operations;
Increases accountability and communication; improves relationships and establishes robust networking of
leaders, managers and others;
Uses only relevant leadership and management theory for practical application;
Guarantees continuous leadership and management development;
Puts the money where it will yield the highest returns.
A State of the Art Approach...

Leadership Development and Management Development
of the Revans Center Global

Is an innovative approach to learning, research & development;
Uses action within the organization as the source for learning;
Requires leaders and managers to learn from each other;
Identifies areas needing stronger leadership & more effective management;
Requires acting on urgent organizational issues that need improving;
Utilizes the expertise of leaders and managers within the organisation;
Requires leaders and managers to focus on improving the bottom line.
Delivers the learning experience inside the organization;
Includes research as critical to the learning process;
Evaluates progressive change to determine if goals are being met.
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