Dr. Donna Vick
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Revans Action Learning is a non-traditional approach used for leadership and management development since 1954.
Therefore, the process has been thoroughly tested for improving leadership styles and management styles of leaders
and managers at all levels. The objective is to improve leadership and management skills and qualities for organization
performance improvement. The MAIN GOAL is to IMPROVE PROFITABILITY.

The Revans Centre Global has emerged from the Revans Centre UK (later to become the Revans Institute)
established at the University of Salford, England in 1994 until 2006. The new Revans Academy resides at the
University of Manchester Business School, England.

Professor Reginald Revans was the first Professor of Industrial Administration and was appointed by the then
University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, now University of Manchester. He joined the British
Coal Board in the mid-1940s as Director of Education. It was in the collieries that he began the first action learning
management development program as the colliery managers were confronted with extremely dangerous and
challenging work. The managers had to learn to take new actions to improve working conditions, operations and
improve profit (Revans, 1982, 1983).

It was during this time that Reg Revans pioneered and developed the original concept of action learning. Therefore,
Revans Action Learning is the original and authentic action learning process. There are various versions of action
learning practiced all over the world. Needless to say, many of these versions miss the mark entirely.

Revans Action Learning moves far beyond traditional and conventional leadership and management development
approaches normally used in management training and management education. Genuine action learning is perceived
as neither a tool or technique but requires extensive expertise in learning how to learn and how to influence change
in human behaviour.


Staff of the Revans Center Global consists of a team of Consulting Members who are:

Diane Asher PhD, MBA / Chief Executive
Wirral Autistic Society
Bromborough | Wirral, England

Professor David Botham PhD, MSc, MIBM, FRSA / Former Director
Revans Institute UK
Current Dean of State Alliancz University, Singapore

Professor Peter Brandon DSc, DEng, MSc, FPICS / Former Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)
University of Salford | Director of Salford Think Lab
Director of Strategic Programmes | School of Built Environment
University of Salford | Greater Manchester, England

Professor Neville D Harris MScTech FCIM FMS FILog, MIIA, AMCST / Former Assistant Director
Newcastle Business School | University of Northumbria
Former Chief External Verifier | Chartered Institute of Management
Currently Management and Learning Consultant | Newcastle, England

Diane Hudson, PhD, MSc, BA (hons), ATC, CQSW / Former Service Manager
Bolton Mental Health Services | Bolton, England
Currently Governor North West Mental Health Foundation Hosptial | Bolton, England

Professor Bob Wood MPhil, BA (Hons), MBCS / Professor of Information Systems
Manchester Business School | University of Manchester | Manchester, England

Revans, R. (1982) The Origins & Growth of Action Learning. Bratt Institute Fur Neues Lernen,
Chartwell-Bratt Ltd.
Revans, R. (1983) The ABC of Action Learning, Bromley: Chartwell-Bratt.
About the Revans
Royal Society of the Arts
Dr. Donna Vick, Director of the Revans Center
was appointed the first and only Revans Scholar
and recommended by Professor Revans himself. She
studied and worked in the Revans Centre UK in 1996 -
2006. Her doctoral work, ĎA Study of the Action Learning
Processí greatly contributed to the development of the
UKís first Revans Centre. Dr. Vick studied under
Professor Revans and her research was supervised by
the top leaders in the field of action learning. She received
her PhD in 2000 and holds a Bachelor of Science in
Business Administration and Management and a Master of
Education in Human Resource Development.